How athenahealth is Transforming Provider and Payer Interactions with Process Mining


What do you do when friction in your processes prevent your service from scaling? athenahealth saw early traction for the in-demand services it offers clients, but they also noticed that operating costs and inefficiencies began to rise as their services grew.

With a multitude of datasets and processes, athenahealth’s Business Process Improvement team turned to Celonis’ Intelligent Business Cloud to standardize and accelerate performance across several service offerings. Corey Balint and Zachary Taylor will share key learnings from their experience implementing process mining to streamline athenahealth’s operations and enhance the customer and stakeholder experience.

Learn practical takeaways to:

  • Achieve transparency into the current state of business processes
  • Identify key areas ripe for automation and process improvement
  • Take actions to reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction 
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Customer Webinar

October 16th | 11am EST | 5pm CEST