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Process Mining: The Measuring Device for Business Transformation

Who is Celonis?

Celonis is the leader in business transformation software, turning process insights into action with process mining technology.  Its Intelligent Business Cloud allows global organizations to guide action and drive change in the operational backbone of their business, resulting in millions of dollars saved and an improved experience for their customers.

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About the Speaker

Tyler Safranek

Value Realization Analyst

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Rob’s research focuses on digital process automation as well as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. Rob brings many years of leadership experience in enterprise software consulting, product marketing, product management, and strategy working at companies like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. 

When 3M decided to begin a six-year project to implement a single, global instance of SAP ERP, the initiative involved streamlining processes and replacing thousands of outdated systems. With the ultimate goal of driving business value through operational transformation and improved customer experience, 3M turned to Celonis to maximize its SAP investment and to enable its Six Sigma and lean business transformation initiatives to answer the question, "How can we tell if things are working?"

Join 3M's Tyler Safranek, Value Realization Analyst, as he discusses their transformation journey and covers how Celonis keeps operational initiatives on track for this global manufacturer. Discover how 3M leverages process mining to meet milestones and maximize its ERP investment, using Celonis as the measuring device for business transformation.

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