How to get started with Celonis Machine Learning

Outstanding customer experience, optimized working capital, accelerated production: these results require process excellence - fluid, frictionless processes that are optimized for an outcome. Celonis enables organizations to discover the most impactful bottlenecks, enhance the process in real time, and continuously monitor for sustained improvement. But accelerating the journey to process excellence, requires detecting complex relationships in huge amounts of data, continuously predicting process challenges, and leveraging structured and unstructured data process data.

This is where Celonis Machine Learning comes in. Built on the Intelligent Business Cloud, Celonis Machine Learning allows users to discover and operationalize insights at scale -- all without a data science degree.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Celonis Machine Learning enables organizations to build and deploy ML models directly in the Intelligent Business Cloud without having to worry about data, infrastructure or operationalization
  • How ready-to-use Machine Learning apps enable sophisticated Machine Learning use cases like duplicate payment checking, free-text order processing, delivery predictions, and others without having to code
  • How Celonis Machine Learning includes capabilities like the new Machine Learning Workbench, Machine Learning Apps, and Machine Learning Suite all perfectly integrated with existing Intelligent Business Cloud capabilities like Event Collection, Action Engine, Process Automation and more
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November 19th | 11am EST | 5pm CET